Monday, July 24, 2017

New Books in the Works

Just wanted to update the blog to let everybody know what is on the agenda. I am currently writing the sequel to the Lost Slab. The working title is The Black Slab or The Dark Slab.Haven't decided yet. I am working hard to get it done by Christmas but it will probably be early in 2017 before its published. I am also working on a historical novel that takes place during the French Period on the Wabash. I will  update in a couple of weeks

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request RIP Steve Goodman

In all of the hoopla following the Cubs World Series victory you could hear half of North America singing Go Cubs Go in celebration. It's a great song that Cub fans have howled since 1984, taking honest pleasure in a single victory. After all, to actually win the the World Series was beyond our wildest dreams. That's something that only happens for Cardinal Fans. But, I wonder how many Cub fans know the history of the song: Go Cubs Go.

The song was written by Singer/Songwriter, Steve Goodman. Steve wrote the hit songs The City of New Orleans and You Don't Have to Call Me Darlin'. He was a funny guy who stood on stage by himself and sang songs and told jokes. I first saw him when he opened up for Steve Martin's King Tut Tour when I was in college in Terre Haute. Steve talked about the pain and suffering of the Die Hard Cubs Fan and sang A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request. It could be the best baseball song ever written. It was funny, but in a nutshell, it described the love/hate/love relationship the die hards had with their Cubbies.

Before the 1984 season WGN asked Steve to write a new theme song for their radio broadcasts. Hence, Go Cubs Go was born. That was also the year the Cubs looked like they might go all the way. But as the Cubs stated to close in on the National League East title, Steve's health started to fail. He had been diagnosed with leukemia several years earlier, but never let it keep him from doing what he loved. Writing songs and going to Wrigley Field.

A Cub fan understands the harsh reality of disappointment, but in Steve's case, it goes beyond cruel. Steve Goodman died at the age of 36, eleven days before the Cubs played their first post season game in his lifetime. He was scheduled to sing the the National Anthem in Wrigley Field for game one. Appropriately, the Cubs, lost the series after a two game lead when a routine ground ball went though the legs of Leon Durham. Leon Durham was acquired in the trade that sent Hall of Famer, Bruce Sutter, to who else...the St. Louis Cardinals.

Three years after Steve Goodman's death, his brother bribed a grounds keeper with a twenty dollar bill stuck inside of a Playboy Magazine to sneak into Wrigley Field. He spread Steve Goodman's ashes in left field.

So when you celebrate and sing Go Cubs Go, take time to think about the origin of the song and all of the die hard Cub Fans who never lived to see this.


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A Call from Heaven

Someday is Here

Friday, October 7, 2016

Photos of the Dark Side of the Moon from The Deep Space Climate Observatory

These photos were taken from NOAA's  DSCOVR satellite which remains in a stationary position one million miles away from Earth. The view is truly Heavenly.

These are actually time lapsed photos; not a computer simulation.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Space Geeks Unite: Blue Origin Crew Capsule Escape Test Goes Flawlessly

I have to admit to the fact that I am a space geek. I suppose it goes back to the days of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I was ten years old when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and can remember every liftoff back to Alan Shepherd. They were the hero's of my youth. The quest to reach the moon before 1970 was the fodder for my imagination. Unfortunately, people lost interest in space exploration, and NASA has been reduced to a second rate program who cant get a man to the International Space Station without hitching a ride with the Russians. But who are we kidding. The government can't efficiently deliver the mail or administrate our healthcare. Our success in Space has come in spite of NASA's archaic bureaucracy.

Enter Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon. His Blue Origin Program is making Space Exploration for the masses a reality. Not only did the testing of the capsule escape system but the rocket itself was able to safely land for the fifth time. It shouldn't surprise us. As far as I can tell, Amazon is arguably the best run company in the world. I trust our future in Space will grow under visionaries like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk at much faster rate than NASA, an agency controlled by the Congress of the United States.

I watch these  new test videos with the same curiosity and awe that I did as a boy. I cant wait to see what happens next.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Upcoming Book Signings For Rick Kelsheimer

September 30, 2016   Robinson, Illinois Heath Harvest Festival
October 1-2 2016 Palestine Illinois   Wabash Wine and Art Festival
October 7-15 2016 Veedersburg, Indiana Covered Bridge Festival

Copies of Paradise Lanes and Rick's other 5 books will be available.

Call 618-553-6046 for details

Friday, August 26, 2016

Paradise Lanes to be released on September 15

Around the lanes Sam Yeager was known as Mr. 300. He was a cocky, selfish, womanizer and the best bowler ever to toss a ball down the lane in Vincennes, Indiana. He was living the dream until his lifestyle placed him directly in front of a jealous boyfriend’s speeding pickup truck.
As a result Sam finds himself trapped in time, at the split-second between life and death. Instead of going to Heaven or Hell, he is sent to Paradise Lanes, a celestial bowling alley that was created for people whose lives are tragically cut short.
For some, Paradise Lanes lives up to it’s name, but for others it can seems more like Purgatory Bowl. Why? Because sometimes the pins don’t always fall like they should.
In the end, it’s just another day in Paradise.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finishing Touches on Paradise Lanes

I want to apologize for neglecting the blog for the last few weeks. I am spending all writing time on last pages of Paradise Lanes. The plan as of now, is to release the book at the Flat Rock Homecoming on  Aug 13. This has been the most difficult book I've written. It is unlike all of my others. In the end, I am now happy with the results. Be patient, it's almost here.

Until then...

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Still My Hero

Friday, May 13, 2016

Bugs Bunny is still my favorite comedian

For the final installment, I give a few minutes with the greatest comedian of all time... Bugs Bunny

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 6 of Tour. I loved the comedy sketches on the Carol Burnett Show Absolutely nobody was funnier than Tim Conway. Watch these out takes and see how the actors loose it with Conway's dead pan approach.
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