Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Night at the Symphony

Last night I spent a most enjoyable night with my daughter as we watched the Colorado Symphonic Orchestra in Denver. It was called, "A Night with John Williams." He is the guy that wrote the scores to Jaws, E.T., Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman and many more. I have to admit that I enjoyed it as much as the time I saw Arrowsmith and Ted Nugent at the same show, back when I was in high school. It's not the same sort of thing you feel at a rock concert, but it moves you never the less. Instead of feeling ramped up like you do at a rock concert or football game, you feel soothed and refreshed. I couldn't help but notice how an orchestra of over a hundred musicians managed to blend into a signal sound or voice. It's quite a feat. I also noticed that being an orchestra conductor looks like a pretty good gig. All you have to do is stand up front, wave a wand, and receive all the credit without playing a single musical note. Despite being tone deaf and suffering from a case of "having no rhythm", I think I could pull it off.
I will be taking applications for the Bowling Alley Philharmonic Orchestra...
Kazoo players need not apply

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