Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wa-Ba-Skik-Ki is what the local Indians called the Wabash River in the early 18th century and is also the name of my upcoming book. Wa-Ba-Shik-ki means "bright water flowing over shining white rock," which may seem like false statement, but before erosion occurred, it was an accurate description of the Wabash. The book will be the first of three in a series that will be titled "Conquest of the Wabash." The book begins in 1680 when LaSalle's party is scatted after being attacked by Iroquois Indians near present day Starved Rock. Joseph LaMotte, a young courier de bois, meets the daughter of a Piankeshaw chieftain who takes LaMotte to her village on present LaMotte Prairie. Jean Dubois, LaMotte's best friend searches for his missing countryman only to find him, living happily with the Indians. Their presence changes the tribe's primitive culture forever.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Hanging of Betsey Reed

August 21, 2007

Hello All:

I suppose it had to come to this...Rick has entered the twenty-first century and started a blog. I hope by now everyone I know has read "The Hanging of Betsey Reed." If you haven't; shame on you! Just kidding, but seriously it was a relief finally see Betsey in print. Up until the book was published, I kept Betsey to myself. It retrospect, it probably wasn't the brightest idea to spend two years with a nineteenth century murderess with a bi-polar personality roaming around in my mind. In the writing of the book, I tried to get inside of Betsey's head and see things from her perspective. I can truely say that Betsey Reed's mind is not a spot one should linger for long. Betsey wanted to be loved but was destined for heartache. Everytime things started to go well for her, she ruined it by shooting herself in the foot. Does that remind you of anyone you know? Today we would say that Betsey was a car wreck ready to happen. But there is a part of us that can't help but watch when people crash and burn.

But Betsey is dead and buiried an I am alive an well. That's more than I can say for her late husband Leonard.

Book sales are better than expected. You can buy the book at or at Amazon

My new book, Wa-Ba-Skik-Ki, will hopefully be finished by Christmas and released early summer of 2008.

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