Friday, October 31, 2008

E.C. has picked up some bad habits

During a recent trip to North Carolina, my Uncle Earl honored me by presenting me his prize possession. Earl bagged this 12 point buck in November of 1983 and until recently it had been displayed in a place of honor at his home. Times change and so did my aunt's decorating taste and poor "E.C." was relegated to stand guard in their garage. I agreed to take "E.C. and display him in a more prominent location. After finding a place of honor at the Bowling Alley, "E.C." stood proud like the noble beast he is, but alas, life in the fast lane has taken a tole on our hero.
The above picture was taken after a late night of cosmic bowling. Let's hope that "E.C.'s" new-found popularity doesn't go to his head.
We'll have to wait and see...