Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Grandma Peg

When I last saw Grandma Peg, it was only a couple of weeks before she passed away. I tried to ignore the fact that she had failed. She was still alert, but it was obvious she wouldn’t be around much longer.
“Why won’t God take me home?” she asked. “Why does He keep me here?”
Jokingly, I told her that God wanted her to say a few more prayers on my behalf on account of my wayward tendencies. She laughed and reaffirmed that she did indeed pray for me on a daily basis. Not only me, but she prayed every one of her children and grandchildren. Because her memory wasn’t what it was, she had actually made a list, so as not to forget anybody.
Faithfully she prayed every day. For her, it wasn’t going through the motions. She had a personal relationship with Jesus. In my entire life, I have never met anyone who loved him more.
She liked to tell the story about her operation. While on the table, she found herself floating above the grass of a green meadow, holding the hand of a man who she knew to be Jesus. They were in a place that she believed to be Heaven. She didn’t want to leave, but the man said she would have to go back and tell anyone who would listen that Heaven was real. Like a good soldier; she did as she was told.
Anyone who knew Grandma Peg got a sermon or two whether they wanted it or not. She wasn’t discouraged by ridicule or bad behavior. She simply continued to pray. It didn’t matter if you believed or not. You were going to get your dose of Jesus with your noodles, mashed potatoes and iced tea. She ministered in the only way she knew how…with love and food and prayer.
On that last visit, Grandma Peg repeated the story about Jesus in the meadow. It was exactly the same as the first time I heard it. Nothing had changed. She had clung to that experience like an old rugged cross that has now been exchanged for her crown.
I am sad that Grandma Peg is gone, but I am happy that she is where she wanted to be. For if she isn’t in Heaven, there isn’t much hope for me.
I hope she can still pray for me now.
She prayed for me when I was selfish,
She prayed for me when I was bad,
Sometimes when my life was the darkest,

Her prayers were all that I had.

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