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Somethings never change

This picture was taken in 1955. Even though the numbers are different, the government still got it's share.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Signing at Vincennes with James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom and Dark Rain Thom

Last weekend I had the honor to do a book signing in Vincennes with several other authors. One happened to be James Alexander Thom, who is one of the top, if not the top historical fiction author in the country. My table was set up next to Mr. Thom which made me feel like a rookie league player signing autographs next to A-Rod. The signing was at the Southern Indiana Writer's Festival and offered seminars for would-be writers. During the seminars I was able to spend an hour discussing writing with Mr.Thom. It was the thrill of a lifetime. He was gracious and humble and gave me the benefit of his wisdom. I will always be grateful. I also was able to spend time with his lovely wife Dark Rain Thom, who is a talented author in her own right. It was truly a day that I will always treasure.